Hazel frames

Today a section of class 5B were making hazel frames out of hazel sticks, masking tape and sticky glue. Our frames were decorated with colourful tissue paper and leaves. The different shapes were triangles and squares.

In the end everyone made a successful hazel frames!


Tarzan experience

Today we went to the rope course it was so fun.

First we started on a beam, then the cross ropes, then the penguin walk, then we did the Tarzan swing(the best part).

After we had to jump on some wobbly platforms, then rock climbing, then the platform that we had to pull a rope to get to the other side and last of all we had to climb to the other side, that was a long course but we all loved it.😀


Hello 😃

I am having such a great time here!

Today, we did shelter building in groups and it was very good fun.

The teachers threw water on top of every shelter to see which was the ‘most waterproof’, look!


Shelter Building🌲🌳

Today we built sellers made out of logs. We leaned them against platforms. We used a waterproof sheet to make our shelter waterproof.

We worked in groups and I was with JR GB ED. We worked well as a team by trying to listen to each other’s ideas and compromising.

At the end  the teachers threw water at us to see if it was suitable for rain ! CR

This is is us😍.                                          

These are some other groups😍