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Final Day!

Sadly, we have reached the final day of this wonderful week. We have enjoyed it very much and have learned a lot of information about the life of Saint Francis and Saint Clare.

We found this cross in particular to be interesting as it unusually depicts Jesus as still alive instead of dead. It is also the cross that spoke to Saint Francis in the church of San Damiano.



The Tour About the Basilica

This morning we went to visit a Basilica of St Francis . We learnt a lot of things with our tour guide Marcella and these are some of the facts :

As soon as you enter you see the four names of the people who died in the earthquake 20 yrs ago

The frescoes were made with a special plaster underneath and it had to be wet when painting the pictures otherwise it would fail. That meant completing the painting in a day.

Those are only some of the things we learnt today!

The entrance:

The Tau cross behind our group.

We spell ASSISI…..

AP and LV

Our Trip up to the Fortress

We first went through the town and that led us to a long stair case, which led us to a beautiful view.

Once we got to the top of the fortress we found a massive area of grass where we played frisbee.

Then we finally left after an hour of play and went down the hill to get an ice cream where we found a sign post where we saw all toursit attractions in Assisi.

After that we went back the house for dinner. OG OD

San Damiano 

We caught a moment of beautiful scenery atop of the Friars chapel in San Damiano!

This amazing place was where St Clare spent the majority of her life praying. This was also where St Francis was inspired to build God’s Church.