Larmenier & Sacred Heart has a very successful Art Department. Pupils are taught by specialist art teachers from Years 1 to 6. They make and learn about art in a wide variety of media, both in class and in visits and workshops at some of London’s prominent galleries and museums.

Art in the Classroom

Pupils are taught the visual elements of art through techniques and practices ranging from drawing and painting to sculpture and textiles. The teaching of skills and projects are usually linked to the work of a famous artist or a current London exhibition. For example, Year 4 pupils visited The Degas Exhibition and The David Hockney Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Art. They then made their own art/paintings in the styles of these two very different artists. Year 5 pupils visited the William Morris Museum, Kelmscott House, where they had a talk and a workshop. Back at school the pupils designed and made their own printing blocks in the style of William Morris and they then printed wallpaper and textiles.

Working with Professional Organisations

The school has developed and maintained a special relationship with The Royal Academy of Arts over the past eight years. Pupils have experienced different types of art ranging from sculpture and painting to iconology and architecture. These experiences expose pupils to the different genres of art and they also come to appreciate the esteem with which artists are held within society. It also cultivates in them a knowledge and love of art and how it can enrich their own lives.

Pupils have visited exhibitions on the work of Van Gogh, Manet, Degas, Hockney and Anish Kapour. Also the exhibitions entitled “Australia” and “Byzantium”.
These visits incorporate a guided tour of the exhibition followed by a workshop. Parents are also involved and participate fully in the workshops.

Artist of the Month 

Each month an artist is chosen as a focus for ‘Artist of the Month’. This is a way of exposing pupils and staff to some of the great artists and their work and also to some contemporary and modern art. A dedicated display is used primarily to inform and showcase an artist and his/her art. Pupils are invited to bring in or share verbally anything they know or have found out about that particular artist. This information is added to the ‘Artist of the Month’ book which is available for all to read.

Extra-Curricular Art

An after school Art Club is offered in two different terms each year; one club for Key Stage 1  pupils and one for Key Stage 2 pupils. Work in these clubs is usually more specialised than class work, e.g. Year 6 pupils designed and made a bag.

Competitions & Initiatives

The school has had great success in local and national competitions and initiatives; many of which have now become an annual event, e.g. The David Shepherd Wildlife – Global Canvas Art Competition.

Pupils’ work is also showcased on the Saatchi Gallery Website/Schools Portfolio and this is updated regularly.

At the end of the year the school runs an Arts Day where pupils’ work is exhibited throughout the school. These events have been extremely popular and very well attended by the local authority, diocese, the local press and members of the local community.